Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When Mom's Not Perfect . . .

Tonight, while watching Violet's gymnastics practice I made a mistake. I pulled out my camera and forgot to turn off the flash. Pop! The flash illuminated the gym, causing several gymnasts to turn around. I apologized as Violet glared at me and ran her pointer finger across her neck from left to right. Of course, this wasn't the last of it. Violet continued to frown and roll her eyes at me whenever she looked my way. I finally got up and left the gym.

However, at pick-up time, the first thing she mentioned was the mistake I made. OK, yes, I admitted my mistake and had already apologized. How much longer was I going to be chastised for my error?

So, I decided that if I have to be perfect, Violet should be held to the same level of accountability. There is a skill on bars called a squat-on that Violet mastered earlier this summer, but lost. She fell once on the skill during practice, and now does not attack the skill, but is holding back and falling out of it. I told Violet that since I have to be perfect, I expect nothing less on bars now. I am insisting that she re-gain this skill at Thursday's practice, or she can move back down a level.

Is this fair? I think so. If I have to be the perfect mom, she has to be the perfect gymnast. Of course, I know there is no such animal as a perfect person. . . hopefully, Violet will realize it soon, too.

UPDATE: At the next practice, Violet got her squat-on back! I knew she would. She has the skill, she was allowing fear to get in her way, which caused her to "bail out" instead of going for it. She is happily remaining a level 5!

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